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A Discourse on the Violet Flame

Monroe Shearer, Anointed Representative®
January 7, 1996 Redlands, CA

Violet Transmuting Flame I see in your countenance a familiar gaze which I myself have had because of this mystery of how the Mighty I AM Presence of an unascended lifestream is unaware of the discords of the outer world to any degree. How that works exactly is a matter of attunement and communion with your God Self that requires getting used to.

I will share with you what the Ascended Masters have said about it but suffice it to say that in the unascended lifestream the Mighty I AM Presence is blissfully unaware of what is going on here of discord. I can recall, and those of you who have had children will also recall, times in your own life maybe when you were very burdened by what was going on in your experience and your little two-year old toddler with the golden curls would come into the room bubbling, happy as could be, and in that sense blissfully unaware of the world in which you lived, totally free of whatever the burdens and the consciousness of your life might be. And thank goodness there really wasn’t any way for that little two-year old to ever really appreciate the crisis that you were going through. That is the closest approximation I can give you of the consciousness of the God Self that is too pure to behold inequity.

And yet we have the consolation of knowing that the Christ Self is one with the God Presence and in that union of the two in that sense the God Presence is aware and that is the beauty of this particular instruction which has tremendous power for us.

I would like to quote for you the words of Beloved Jesus as he speaks on this subject. "All you have to do, Beloved Children of the Light, is to continue to be firm and unyielding in your determination to prove through your application that you are the dominion of the Light and the supreme director of these currents of energy which go forth and by the Power of Light dissolve everything unlike themselves."

Suppose you are going down the street and saw some obstruction in your way and by reaching over the side of the walk and taking up what you think today is one of your searchlights you focus that searchlight on that physical obstruction and caused it to dissolve and disappear entirely. That would be an exact simile to that which you can do today from the invisible standpoint. You can call those Light Rays forth from your Mighty I AM Presence to go before you and to clear away every obstruction which the human self has placed there, whether it is yourself or through the attempts of someone else.

I assure you that, as others have, you are no longer at the mercy of any human condition. If you will assert this Authority of your Mighty I AM Presence of Light, that Presence will cleanse, purify and sweep your pathway clear of everything that limits or obstructs in any way whatsoever. We all have to prove it ourselves, Beloved Ones. Make no mistake about that. We all have to prove this Law, but since you are going to have such unlimited assistance to do it why not prove it quickly. Enter in and have all that life wishes for you to have.

Only as you see and experience the quick magnificent outpicturing of these words will you gain the full confidence and the Victory to know, as the Messengers do, that there is no such thing as failure in your call to your Mighty I AM Presence of Light. If the Messengers have the Courage and the confidence to continue one call for a year or more in order to accomplish a given objective, as in the two things that have been accomplished within the last two days, then should you not hold the same confidence and Courage in your Presence and continue to make your application until the Victory stands forth before you. This is a sure way to bring yourself into the full Power and Dominion of your own lifestream. And when I say that of course I means through the direction of your Higher Mental Body which is your Presence.

Remember, do not separate your Holy Christ Self and your Mighty I AM Presence. They are one insofar as the action of the currents of the energy, Light and Power are concerned. Although the Holy Christ Self is the Director and knows both conditions ― the inner conditions and the outer conditions ― because of that, that doesn’t mean that there is any separation between your Christ Self and your I AM Presence, the Mighty I AM. They are One and, as you enter more fully into this comprehension and understanding, then the Power of Life flowing through you is your Mighty I AM Presence and is directed by your Higher Mental Body, then will you stand in the Dominion of that Light wherever you move and in whatever circumstance you find yourself.

Why is this necessary? Well, there are a lot of explanations, but the most important thing to understand is that what is happening, what we are doing right now, is preparing our bodies to be able to endure the intensity of the radiation of the Electronic Body. We cannot conceive of the intensity of that vibration at this point in time, but the purpose of our embodiment is to prepare these bodies to blend with that Body of the I AM Presence and the Victory first of the Resurrection and then of the Ascension.

And until that time that that acceleration has taken place there is, as the Masters used to say, “the wind of the Holy Spirit is tempered to the shorn lamb of our human identity.” There is a tempering of that vibration of the Mighty I AM Presence but that does not mean that we cannot have the full benefit of its use here and now. For example, we have various electrical appliances that we are using here. There is a filament in each of these light bulbs. That filament is enduring a tremendous acceleration through the pressure of the electricity that is flowing through it. Right now today you and I could not endure that acceleration directly and yet, once it has left the filament, the product of that acceleration in the form of this blessed light that we see we are able to endure. Similarly, if you take a fire, either a physical flame or you take a radiant electric heater, we could not stand the intensity of that vibration directly, but the radiation thrown off we do benefit from.

And so it is that our Holy Christ Self is able to endure that direct radiation, can go into the level of the I AM Presence and the radiation thrown off by the Electronic Body comes forth directly as low as the physical form into this world and blazes forth as the Violet Flame. And we are the beneficiaries of that radiation thrown off by the Mighty I AM Presence guided to its objectives by the directing intelligence of the Holy Christ Self.

The Christ Self calls the shots of where the Light is going to go, but the interesting thing to remember ― and I have found this one of the greatest of keys to my lifestream was to understand ― that in the case of an unascended lifestream, the Holy Christ Self does not have the Authority itself to project the Rays of Light. That the Authority and the Source of the energy comes from the octave of the I AM Presence in the unascended lifestream, and of course with the Ascended Masters the same is true because by definition an Ascended Master has ascended to the level of the Mighty I AM Presence and is that Mighty I AM Presence in Action. So, there again the Authority is always at the level of the Electronic Body.

So, your Holy Christ Self stands midpoint between the outer world and these Inner Spheres and the fantastic thing about the Holy Christ Self is its ability to see what is going on out here and to be unmoved by it in any way, shape or form. I find that beyond comprehension, but yet the Christ Self can see all kinds of what to us are tragic events and remain calm and unmoved because the world in which that Christ Self dwells is locked within the embrace, the close embrace of the world of the Mighty I AM Presence, and there is no place in that world for discord or inharmony of any sort.

And what ideally is to happen with you and me is that we make our four lower bodies proper receptacles so that the Holy Christ Self can be as close as superimposed over our forms and then we too will be able to look upon the things of the world, including our own, and be unmoved because we are abiding within the citadel of the Harmony and the Mastery of our own Holy Christ Self.

So, let me move forward quickly to the instruction on the Violet Flame that I wanted to share with you, specifically having to do with the nature of the Violet Flame. I would like to mention one thing to you about the Flames of God. We are all able to understand the Mighty I AM Presence individualized as one Ascended Master or another. What we must also understand is that the Divine Qualities themselves are also God in Action. They are no less Divine ― the impersonal aspects of God’s Being ― the Divine Principles.

And that is why in The Temple of The Presence you may get tired of seeing all of the capital letters. But I understand, Carolyn, that we are in good company, that no less a Messenger than Blavatsky was renowned, or perhaps denounced, for her liberal use of capital letters. But why do we capitalize Divine Qualities? Because we understand that even as God is individualized, God is also beyond individualization. God is the Absolute. God is Oneness. God is God Consciousness that is more than just any one individualized God Being and the Violet Flame is God.

The Violet Flame is the impersonal universal aspect of God as Love and is qualified by the God Presence as the touch of the Hand of the God Presence. It is the tender embrace of the God Presence holding substance in Sacred Hands and so it is worthy. In fact, you are not going to have the benefit of the Violet Flame if you treat it the same way that you would treat a water hose when you hose off your sidewalk or if you treat it the same way you would the electricity in the outlet of the wall. If you just consider it to be brute force that is acting, you are not going to have the action because the Violet Flame is the Love of the God Presence. In each little aspect of the Violet Flame is to be found that God Presence.

Here is the instruction on the Violet Flame which Beloved Saint Germain has given us. “The conscious use of the Violet Consuming Flame is the only means by which any human being can free him or herself from their own human creation or their own imperfection. Aside from the Ascended Masters teaching on what and where the Mighty I AM Presence is, the greatest possible assistance to the mankind on this Earth is the Ascended Masters’ instruction concerning the use of the Violet Consuming Flame.”

Through the use of this Flame, the Masters themselves have dissolved all of their own discordant creation of their past lives and they have become the Ascended Beings of Perfection which they are today. Every human being sooner or later must do the same sometime, somewhere before they can be free of their own human creation, past or present.

The students should understand that the actual focusing and projecting and sustaining of this Violet Consuming Flame is done by their own Mighty I AM Presence, for this Flame is God’s Flame of Pure Love and the part that the student does is to call to that Presence to produce and then to visualize the Flame. This means holding the mental picture of the Flame passing up through his mind, his body and his aura from his feet up through and around the body, cleansing them of all imperfection. And thus you can dissolve and purify all the unnecessary discordantly qualified substances and energy which has been used in past lives. This lets the pure energy, Light and Perfection of the I AM Presence pour out its fullness to and through him without interference.

None of us have the slightest concept of what we have created through our past use of thought, feeling and the spoken word in this lifetime, let alone all the hundreds and many times thousands of lifetimes that we have lived through previously. Still, all of that substance and energy which we have used in the past, which was given to us pure and perfect in the beginning for the purpose of creating and expanding Perfection, through misqualifying that energy we have created forms and energized them by feeling and projected them into the atmosphere around us. These forms are too hideous, too unpleasant to put into any description.

There is no human being who has not created this to some extent in these past lives and the present life. Everyone has qualified their feeling world with discord and sent it forth in thought, feeling and the spoken word; most people a great deal more than they would even admit to themselves. Nevertheless, Divine Law is Law. All are creating vibration and form every instant and this Law acts whether we are ignorant or wise, whether we choose to do it or not. We cannot say to life: Stop the flow of life through us.

“Through the infinite Divine Love and Compassion of the Masters, the Great Mercy of the Mighty I AM Presence acts. In this way, through the use of the Violet Flame, you never need look upon your discordant human creation of the past if you will use the Violet Flame daily with intense and steady God Determination. By doing this, you reach into the Ascended Masters Octave and draw forth more of the Ascended Masters Perfection.

“The Law is that every individual must purify and balance their own creation by the use of the Violet Flame. It is not possible for anyone else to do it for us. Since we have created these imperfections, we must uncreate them. The Violet Consuming Flame establishes the vibratory action in the mind and body so that the currents of life and energy from the Presence flow forth and this is absolutely imperative.’

Now here are some visualizations that will help you in your use of the Violet Consuming Flame. First of all, understand that the destination of the Flame is determined by your Holy Christ Self. Your Holy Christ Self is like the high priest that goes into the Holy of Holies of the Mighty I AM Presence and there the central Fires of Creation flow and are banked on the Altar of the Heart of your Mighty I AM Presence and the high priest of your Holy Christ Self invokes that Flame from that Fire and the Ray goes forth into whatever destination has been pinpointed by the discriminating intelligence of your Holy Christ Self.

That Ray that goes forth from the Mighty I AM Presence never descends below the consciousness of the Presence as it does its transmutation. It never knows the imperfection that it is transmuting, the Ray from the Presence. It knows no opposition. It stays socketed in the God Consciousness where there is only Perfection and Victory. This is why we are in agreement with our Mighty I AM Presence that it should remain in those levels of God Consciousness where there is perfect Freedom, because by so doing, that part of us can raise the other part up. And it is not by putting its attention on it pulled down into the level of imperfection where we are, which would be a very tragic state of affairs.

So the Violet Flame that goes forth is happy, is joyous, and has within it the intensity of vibration of the Mighty I AM Presence. For one thing, if you can understand it this way, the points of Light that come forth in that Violet Flame are so minute that they could not possibly appreciate the greater forms of misqualification. Any one little point of Light could never appreciate the greater forms because they are at too small a scale to ever see those greater forms. But what they do is that each little Electron of Violet Flame takes another little Electron by the hand that has been misqualified and the two of them do a little minuet of a waltz Flame until the one that was burdened rises in frequency back into the Harmony where it was before.

The Violet Consuming Flame is a raising, transforming, purifying action of Divine Love from the very Heart of God in the Great Central Sun, the Mighty I AM Presence of Infinity. That is what is acting in the Violet Flame. It is a very Sacred Presence, a very Holy Presence. And as heat will melt wax until it drops by its own weight and as the heat increases, the wax itself is ignited and consumed by the fire, even so does the Violet Consuming Flame melt away all of the impure substance in the physical, emotional, mental and emotional bodies of those who visualize it pouring through them. This action of the Violet Flame increases the vibratory rate in the substance to a rate in which no other discord or imperfection can exist. So you are actually raising that discord back to a level of Harmony where it throws off by that spinning action all of the lesser vibrations that were within it.

In this use of the Violet Consuming Flame, in the cleansing, harmonizing, uplifting and illuminating activity of the Sacred Fire, the Divine Love of the Mighty I AM Presence, the student has the Ascended Masters’ Power to set everything in his being and world into Divine Order harmoniously and permanently. I would add that in addition to the action of one’s own God Presence, as we call to the Ascended Masters ― and they take their attainment, the Violet Flame and the God Consciousness of an Ascended Master is of a different nature than that that comes forth from our own God Presence because it has impregnated within it their own conscious memory of ascending and of their full God Mastery and the full Freedom that they have of that Ascended Master Octave. So by our free will use of the Flame they are allowed to blend with the Ray that comes forth from our Presence and that one-two punch literally sweeps up all of the misqualification of our world into their Ascended Master Octave.

So, let us understand that no one, Jesus himself, made the Ascension strictly on the merits of his own God Presence. All have had the benefit in the Transfiguration, the Resurrection and the Ascending process of the added momentum lawfully given of those Cosmic Beings and Ascended Masters and Angelic Hosts whose job it is, whose role in life it is, to provide that Service to Life. This, too, is lawful because as we have said, all of Life is One.

On fear of repeating myself, just let me repeat, as this instruction does, one final time this statement about the Violet Transmuting Flame. “The student should think clearly enough to realize that the personality cannot create a Flame and as the personality is the only creator of discordant qualities, ignorance, suggestion of fear and discord concerning the Violet Flame is but the concocting of the human intellect. The Violet Consuming Flame can only be focused or projected or brought into activity by the Mighty I AM Presence. This is the only Presence that is the Lord of the Flame, that has the Authority to project the Flame, and the Flame that it projects is the inner essence of Love Divine, the one energy and substance and intelligence from the eternal source of all Life, the Great Central Sun. So this is the Perfect Love of God that casts out all fear, that is the highest frequency there is. There is no higher frequency than the frequency of Love, the Consuming Love that is the Violet Transmuting Flame.”

And as you visualize that Flame, project it forth from your Electronic Body, don’t merely see it coming down as Rays from the Heart, and Head and Hands of your Presence, but understand that your Presence at the Threefold Flame of your Electronic Body can right there in the Crystal Cord qualify your Crystal Cord as Liquid Violet Flame. So you can see the Liquid Violet Flame coming down your Crystal Cord already as a liquid and then just pouring into the transparent form of your body until you see yourself standing there as a being of concentrated Violet Flame in the form of the body as well as throwing off this radiation of the Violet Flame and feeling the Violet Flame coming up from beneath your feet.

That liquefying aspect of the Violet Flame is very important, especially the more you want to treat the more physical bodies, like the physical or the etheric double, the more you want to use that liquid Violet Flame pouring into the liver, pouring into the other vehicles and holding it there as long as you can hold the visualization. And when you start the action, not with your own visualization down here, but appreciate the fact that you together with your Christ Self are starting this action in the very Heart of the Electronic Body. Then it is much easier to accept the pressure off that outpicturing in your four lower bodies.

Carolyn, I would like to give you an opportunity to add anything that you might like to add on the Violet Flame.

Carolyn Shearer:

As I have been listening to your comments and your Discourse and observing the flow of Light from your own God Presence and the overshadowing of Saint Germain in this teaching of the Violet Flame, I was reminded of the Dictations that came forth several months ago from God Harmony on the importance of holding Harmony and the necessity for holding Harmony in order to make your Ascension. And once we understand how the Violet Flame works, from whence it comes and the governing body of the Holy Christ Self in its action of literally targeting the areas that are so necessary in our world, we understand how even more important it is to guard our Harmony so that the riptides that we come in contact with either from the outer world or in our own world don’t deplete more of God’s energy in the emotional body, but even greater, don’t separate us from the Holy Christ Self and keep us from having that Blessed Communion that will enable us to even be a greater vessel for transmutation and receive more of the Love of our Presence through the Holy Christ Self directed by the Holy Christ Self into every aspect of human creation that we have been involved with since the beginning of our incarnations.

We have much karma to transmute, not only our own physical karma, and our own personal karma, but also karma on the planet. Our planetary body has built up and has received mankind’s human creation that is embodied within this planet that must be transmuted in order for this planet to no longer be the dark star but be a sun and to reflect that inner Sun, the Sun of Even Pressure, the Sun so guarded by Virgo and Pelleur to reflect and be that magnetic pole for the Great Central Sun.

So I would simply remind and charge well for each and every one of you to remember Harmony. And if you have difficulty in maintaining Harmony, call to God Harmony to reinforce that opportunity. There can be Harmony in your world constantly and throughout your day if you will just strive to put your attention on Harmony. El Morya has taught that just making the fiat Peace can bring Harmony in your day and we know, of course, Jesus used that as a fiat — Peace Be Still!

So if you have no other opportunity in your day to give a call in your busy schedule or in your constant surrounding of people, you can utter the word Peace and it can flood your world with Harmony and Peace, then allowing your Holy Christ Self to be one with all of your activity, and then so direct the Light from your own God Presence.

This has been a wonderful teaching by Beloved Saint Germain today, and he has been ever present in this Teaching. You can truly feel Saint Germain’s God Freedom and I would invite you to enjoy his God Freedom by giving with us a Violet Flame call:

"I AM a Being of Violet Fire
I AM the Purity God Desires.

(Mantra Given)

You know I remember having heard Mark give that call and he would give it as a locomotive picking up speed until you would hear the force not only of his Heart Flame coming forth but you would think a locomotive had truly come through the room. And Mark’s total momentum of Power from his own God Presence would carry that Violet Flame and you would feel sometimes like you had been bowled over by that locomotive. That would be what I would wish for all of us in giving the Violet Flame ― that we would become so saturated with that Violet Flame.

Saint Germain has truly given us a great Gift in the release of this Teaching and the Opportunity and Dispensation of that Teaching through Godfre which was the first time that it was released outside the mystery schools. And it is an Opportunity for us to take the Violet Flame and run with it, run with this Teaching.

The understanding that Saint Germain has delivered to us this day through Monroe should give us a greater opportunity of using that Violet Flame and putting it into a very specific action. It is a science. It is as great a science, greater science, when you know the real aspects of the Violet Flame, than any of the physical sciences that we have, that we are schooled with in the universities. By God’s Grace one day you will be able to take a course in the universities, in all of the major universities of the schools on this planet, in the Violet Flame, the Alchemy, Saint Germain’s Alchemy.

I thank you. Saint Germain thanks you. Monroe thanks you and we give you the Violet Flame of your own God Presence to run with this week. Experiment with it. Take it into the laboratory of your own sanctuary and put it to the use that your own God Presence and Holy Christ Self would have you use it for.

God Bless you! Have a wonderful week of the Violet Flame.



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