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Volume 1   Number 2  
The Maha Chohan   1996

My Dear Hearts,

I come to you this hour in the Flame of the Buddha. I AM the Maha Chohan, and I AM wearing the Mantle of God Harmony. I trust your week has been filled with Love. I trust that as we go forward to study the Cosmic Law, you are practicing the art of Love. Today I would like to talk with you regarding Harmony. There has been much said in the past about Harmony. Much has been recorded but little internalized. Harmony is an absolute necessity in your world to open the door to receive the Love you so desire. It matters not whether that Love is a personal love or worldly love or the Love of your own I AM Presence. It is impossible to assimilate Love when you are out of Harmony.

Have you not noticed how your heart opens wide when you hear a beautiful piece of music — one that has lilting melodies with Harmony surrounding each melodic note? When there is discord in the music you want to tighten the heart. You want to close off the heart. When the chords of music strike a frequency that is congruent with the cosmic currents of Light, the heart opens as the beautiful rose that it should be, ready to receive the Love of God in all its forms.

You are saying, "How can I be so harmonious when I am at work, and all the darts of the world are pitted against me, with the weight of the city resting on my shoulders, the unhappy individuals that are ready to blame me for all of their woes? How am I to maintain Harmony in such chaos?" Beloved ones, you really only have two choices, you are either in Harmony or out of Harmony. We know what happens when you are in Harmony. You are open to receive the Love and the Good that is given to the universe. When there is inharmony, there is desecration of Life. When you are out of Harmony you make a free will decision to exist on the plane of human creation. Human creation contains all of those aspects that are uncomfortable, all of the darts, all of the ugliness, all of the woes and the weight of the world. It is your choice. Yes, that is one plane of consciousness and vibration you can exist on. You can move through your day in that state, come home fatigued, drained of all the energy you were given at the beginning of the day, eager to lay your head down so that you might have another opportunity to recharge in the Octaves of Light. Indeed that is one choice.

But what a far grander, more beautiful, and more comfortable choice to determine to be in Harmony. It is a matter of a free will decision. You can maintain your Harmony if you will but practice, if you will but replace bad habits with good habits. What are those good habits? One good habit you could practice would be to take a deep breath before uttering a word to a disgruntled individual, or counting to ten before addressing a violent discordant situation. When necessary remove yourself from the location, if only by twenty feet. Collect your Harmony and your composure, then go back into the fray, fully composed, fully harmonious.

There is another reason for maintaining your Harmony — not just to receive Love, but to be able to meet discord with the full power of the Love of God. This does not mean you adopt a "namby pamby" attitude. You can stand in full armor doing great battle yet be in full Peace and Harmony. The greatest warriors of all time knew this secret. They would not engage if they were inharmonious.

So beloved ones, you can go through this lifetime in a state of Harmony, maintaining your perfect attunement with your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. Or, you may go through life in discord, and live among the vibrations of human creation. When you are in Harmony, your Christ Self envelopes your being. When you are in action with purity of heart, that harmonious vibration draws forth the full God Wisdom, God Love, and God Action of your own I AM Presence. It is impossible for your Holy Christ Self to be a part of your immediate world when you are out of Harmony. The Christ Self must step back and allow you to go through whatever it is you feel you must do on your own. Keep in mind your Christ Self is there to be in action with you, not to be a silent observer. Would you deprive your Holy Christ Self of that wonderful opportunity of being in action with you day-by-day, hour after hour? Harmony is the key that unlocks the door to the Love of God. Dear Ones, I give you a new Beatitude:

"Blessed are those who are in Harmony,

for theirs is the Kingdom of Love."

I trust that you will practice Harmony throughout this week and all the weeks to come. But particularly put your attention on this aspect of Cosmic Law at every opportunity until you have established the good habits of Harmony. You will forget from time to time and I understand that you will, but there will also come the time when you will be such a walking harmonious representative of your Presence that all of Life will be magnetized to you. All of Life will look at you and wonder, "How can that one be so harmonious amidst such chaos? How can it be possible?"

Develop your own techniques to remind yourself to attune to Harmony. I AM sure you have something precious in your world which can key you into a harmonious vibration. It may be a piece of music you need to play. You may find you must rise in attunement above the commotion of your surroundings. There are those with a momentum of meditation who need only close their eyes for a split second and focus on the Light. Within that split second their world can be flooded with Harmony. There are those who may find exercise is a way to bring Harmony into their world and to throw off the tensions of the day. But whatever you require, you must be in Harmony, for…

All of Life evolves in Harmony!

The entire Cosmos is in Harmony!

The Law of your being is Harmony!

As you read my words in this hour of our communion, I ask that you open your heart and allow the flood of the Harmony of the Buddha to come into your world. Feel it. Flow with that Harmony. Be in action in Harmony. Once you have mastered this gift all things are possible. Peace be unto you. Let God Harmony flow through your entire world.

Until we meet again,

The Maha Chohan



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