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Moses - Ascended Master Lord Ling


Moses and the Ten Commandments Moses re-embodied again — to complete the Divine Plan — as Gautama Buddha's chief disciple, Ananda.
He later attained the Ascension, and is now known as the Ascended Master Lord Ling.



"I pray that you have enough God-Determination to love God,
to hear His Call - and answer."

" . . . My embodiment as Moses was most trying, as I'm sure you will agree. When I discovered my True Heritage, I was aware of the Inner Calling - the Invitation to respond to His Calling.

"I did not wish to hear the Call, for I was most comfortable in my lifestyle. It was a great striving on my part to understand why I was thrust into a life of ease, of wealth, of comfortability, of all manner of physical pleasures that one in physical embodiment could desire. And yet that Inner Calling was taking me away from the very nest and home where I had enjoyed those comforts. For I knew that I could not stand in true service to God and entertain all of the degradation of God that surrounded me. This was no small matter. For my feeling world was appeased; the appetites of the desires were satisfied. And yet turning away from all that I was accustomed to would mean great change. And yet there was a Will within my being that could not be denied. It was the Will of my True Heritage. It was the Will of my God Presence that I should do this.

"The Determination of the Will of God stirs all manner of havoc in your world. It will rearrange, it will alter and change all that you think is your life.

"What are the requirements for that Determination to come about? How will you follow the devotion and the Will of God in your life? Will there be the overriding Determination of the Will over the feeling world? Will you be able to put away those things in your life that are taking you away from the Face of God? Will you transmute all of the latent habits and move on toward the Light?

"You can converse with God, as I conversed with God. For your God Presence, beloved ones, is waiting and has extended the Invitation to you.

"However the surroundings may be changed, will you be so comfortable as to not wish to move from that spot? Is the security of home and hearth all that is concerning you, or would you have the courage to take the staff in one hand and start on a trek that is unknown, uncharted by your lifestream?

"This is what was called of for those in my care from the time of the Passover, which in itself was an oddity, for they had never been asked to observe a holiday, if you will, of that nature - to place the lamb's blood on the door. Where was their Faith? Were they able to be secure in their Faith and trust, knowing that the Angel of Death would pass over? Were they able to hear the Inner Call and respond, and take their meal and wait - all the while hearing the horrible screams and knowing that death was outside the door?

"Where was their Faith? They were commanded to have a staff in one hand and their sandals on their feet - ready to move, ready to be in action. They did not know where they were going. They did not even know if they would be able to go, but they were ready.

"Are you ready? Do you have enough Faith in your God Presence to follow the very Inner Call - that still, small Voice that will speak to you with the fullness of Love; or will you be concerned about the criticism - the very critics, beloved ones, that will jeer at you - will cause you grief.

"Those, beloved ones, who have Faith sufficient in the Will of God will not hear the criticism. They will know the Inner Calling and they will be able to respond. But it is not always the response that the neighbors or your loved ones would want you to engage in. They did not hear the Inner Call that you heard. Perhaps their Call has not come, or perhaps there was not enough Determination in their life to hear that Inner Call. Perhaps it just simply is not the right time and there are other initiations to be passed and won.

"But without Faith, beloved ones, you can not move mountains; you can not part the Red Sea; you can not make your Ascension. At some point in your life there must be the upward gaze that falls fully and completely in the Arms of Trust to your God Presence - without any reserve, without any holding back - burning all of your bridges, beloved ones, so that you can not look back or go back, but you must go forward in the Light.

"It takes Faith in making the right decision to follow the Will of God. It takes Faith to be able to leave the security of the comforts of the feeling world and the surroundings, and it takes Faith to know who you are, in the face of criticism, condemnation, and judgement of those who know not of what they speak. It matters not if the criticism comes as a 'kind word'. However it is veiled, it is still criticism.

"Mark who you are: the God Presence of your Inner Being. The heart that beats in your breast carries the fullness of the Will of God; and that Will, beloved ones, of your heart is devotion to the Love of God.

"For you can not have the Faith to leave all of the feeling comforts; you can not have the Faith to leave security and home; you can not have the Faith in the face of criticism, if there is not a sufficient love for God. For love, beloved ones, in all of the devotion, is what will give you the strength. It will give you courage to take your staff in hand and be prepared.

"Yes this all seems to be a story of long ago, where there were some who traversed the desert, did not even know where their journey would lead them, but were looking for a greener pasture - a better way of life.

"Is this not what you are looking for in the Ascended Master Teachings: a better way of life? Then embrace a better way of life. Accept it and make it your own.

"You can not fully experience the Reality of all of the Gifts your God Presence would bestow upon you if there is reserve. You are not asked to bow and scrape in homage to a personage. For, beloved ones, the One to which you will bow is the Real Identity of your very Being. Yes there is respect, and yes there is honor for Those Who have attained the Mastery and the Attunement with Their God Presence. But Honor and Glory you bestow upon your own I AM Presence.

"For only through the Vehicle of this Higher Body are you able to work the works you came to do, fulfill the mission you came to perform, balance the karma long waiting to be balanced, and most of all - to give the unconditional Love that you would desire to be given to you.

"You can take your staff in hand and walk the desert, and you too can part the Red Sea. For the miracles for your lifestream are waiting for you to perform them, but it takes performing the first step. For if you do not take that first step of listening to the Inner Call and Invitation of your God Presence, you will never reach the Red Sea. You will still be waiting and wondering if you heard - if that was a feeling that you should respond to.

"Be aware, beloved ones, the feeling world does not rule. For the feelings will cause you a great deal of confusion and consternation on the Path. You must trust the pure heart that is guided by the Will of God. For only then can you be sure that the feeling world is in check, and that it is not the human desires that guide your life.

"Faith is the devotion to the Love of God. Faith is truly the Victory in the Ascension.

"Once I looked upon the Face of God I knew there could be no other time, no other place, no other circumstance, but that very moment to fall on my knees, to bow my head to the Honor and Glory of God. I pray that you have enough God-Determination to love God, to hear His Call - and answer."

Beloved Lord Ling

December 31, 1998   Chelsea, Vermont U.S.A.


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