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The Portrait of The Presence

You are seeing the complete you for the very first time! The various details of this picture tell a complete and accurate story of the real you here on Earth as well as in the heaven worlds. The Truth is that you, in your outer self (shown as the lowest figure in the picture), are only a partial expression of a much greater, far more magnificent, individual Divine Being. God has individualized - not once, but limitless times - each time stepping forth as a distinct God Identity, unique in and of itself, yet inseparably One with the totality of the Godhead. Each Presence expresses its own supremely Divine, permanent sense of Selfhood as an I AM Presence. This is the one and only true, complete, and utterly REAL Self each of us can ever express in all eternity.

This Individual Presence, the real you, is a glorious, living, self-conscious, omnipotent, creative Being, full of Love, Joy, and boundless Optimism about your future together. It uses a body in appearance much like your own physical body, only composed of Sacred Fire, vibrating far outside the range of your physical senses. This body we call the Electronic Body (the topmost figure in the portrait). This Electronic Body vibrates so rapidly that it remains eternally youthful, beautiful, and perfect, regardless of what is going on with your physical body, which wears out quickly due to the incorrect use of the creative God Life we ignorantly misqualify in the form of negative karmic patterns.

Due to our inability to perceive this Presence directly, it is obliged to step down the intensity of its own transcendent fiery nature but without compromising its own inherent Perfection. This stepped-down expression of the Presence is called in the Bible the "only begotten of the Father" and is known as your Holy Christ Presence (the central figure). You see the Christ Presence shown in the act of enveloping your outer consciousness with its own Light Body and overshadowing you with the Golden Light of the Christ Mind. Your Holy Christ Presence maintains a direct outpost of its own Consciousness within your Heart in the form of a Threefold Flame, expressing there the Love, Wisdom, and Power of your Presence.

The anchoring of this Threefold Flame of God's very own Heart within your physical form is evidence of your Divine Sonship and explains how human beings are constantly qualifying God's creative energy in the form of good or bad karma. You are directly connected to the Heart of your Presence via the Crystal Cord of Liquid Light and Life, shown descending as the vertical axis of White Light from the Heart of your Presence, through the Heart of your Christ Presence, and flowing forth as the creative energies of your Heart Flame.

In order to transmute the negative karmic conditions, which we have ignorantly created in the past, we can learn to call for our I AM Presence to project successive waves of its own consuming Love downwards into our outer worlds. This Love expresses in the form of the Violet Flame, which you observe in the process of gently redeeming those past karmic conditions through spiritual transmutation. Having purified the majority of this negative karma and having mastered time and space, we can return to the Oneness of our Presence, ascending as Jesus demonstrated, and experiencing throughout eternity the Joys of Divine Creativity as Ascended Beings. This is the true story and Divine Plan of your life!



Audio Discourse: "This Is Your Life"
Presented by Monroe Shearer on June 5, 1999


  • The unique Individuality of each I AM Presence
  • The Electronic Body
  • The Causal Body
  • Twin Flames and the "gender" of the Presence (with brief mention of the God Flame)
  • The history of the Presence (prior to entering into the cycle of incarnation in the matter planes)
  • The purposes for which the Presence chose to take incarnation, and the descent into the denser planes
  • The way the I AM Presence operates at Inner Spheres with respect to what goes in the lower matter spheres and bodies (the Presence as the sole Authority for each Lifestream)
  • The connection of the Presence with the outer form (the Crystal Cord, the Threefold Flame, the Holy Christ Presence, and the lower vehicles)
  • The activity of the Electrons of Light and more detail about the Threefold Flame



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