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To Blessed Devotees of Light
In Search of Sacred Fire

Keep The Dream Alive !

Thank you for affording us this opportunity to speak with each one of you. We realize this Open Letter will reach Lightbearers far and wide across the world. Many of you will eventually read our words in your own tongue. We appreciate the great diversity of backgrounds and experiences which all of you bring with you, especially your own relative contentment or restlessness with your present Path.

May we begin with a word about The Temple of The Presence in relation to previously established Ascended Master Activities? Undoubtedly this message will find its way into the hands of brothers and sisters who are content where they presently find themselves. It is not our intent to confuse you or sway you from your chosen Path. If you are joyous and fulfilled where you are, we wish you Godspeed and pray you return the courtesy.

We are keenly aware of the past investment of Light by the Masters, as well as the untold sacrifices over the decades by so many stalwart and sincere students and disciples poured into these predecessor Activities. We join with all those praying for these Activities that the Lifestreams connected with them will fulfill their Divine Plan. We echo the words of Beloved Morya when embodied as Sir Thomas More, as He stood for Truth, "I do none harm. I say none harm. I think none harm." We proclaim the ever present Love and active solicitation of the Brotherhood for every Activity and every Lightbearer, including all of those with whom we personally worked and prayed for so many years. We extend our help, our cooperation, and the full measure of our Office as Anointed Representatives™ to everyone.

Now for the good news! Regardless of where you live or the season of the year, Springtime is once again in full bloom for all devotees of the Great White Brotherhood! The Masters Themselves have resumed center stage! From the Altar of The Temple of The Presence, they continually pour out the fullness of their Hearts' Love and Fire. They have re-doubled their active involvement in our lives. They lead by an ever present, active example. They extend the Communion Cup of their Presence, their fellowship and camaraderie to each of you, their Heart Friends of the ages! El Morya and Saint Germain are ever close at hand — the Alpha and Omega of The Temple.

Will you recall with us your own youthful enthusiasm and idealism about the Path and of how you just knew that you could actually Ascend into the fullness of your God Presence in this life? Remember how Heaven's promises first fell as a gentle spring rain onto your youthful soul? And of how with childlike faith you naturally accepted the prospect of your own Ascension in this very lifetime! It was your most important goal, and worth every commitment of your entire being. Remember your heart's compass fixed to the polestar of Blessed Morya's firm resolve and pointing the way to world service? Remember the priceless sense of fulfillment born of the conviction that you were helping lay the foundation for the dawning Golden Age of Saint Germain?

Reclaim that Light, and . . . .

Keep The Dream Alive !

Down through the ages poets and troubadours, inspired by the ideals of Camelot, have drawn forth the spirit and vision of our Beloved Morya embodied as King Arthur. These immortal lines from the musical Camelot, "Think back on all the days that you remember…Don't let it be forgot…" capture the Master's timeless fiery zeal, reminding us to persevere in our effort to realize here and now the Vision which our God Self holds for us. It's time now - and past time - to relax those preoccupations with outer world concerns which tend to monopolize even our spiritual lives so completely. For unless we guard against it, the incessant drone of worldly cares or the fixations on the unrealities of the astral plane will spin a cocoon of forgetfulness around our heart and numb its native sensitivity to the keynote of true Ascended Master Light.

Let no man, no woman, no unpleasant memory of the past, no so-called Apocalypse, nor present worldly circumstance take your Crown! Instead, release your own lively Heart to whisper to you of its sweet divine aspirations, which like tender green shoots, have never ceased to press upward through the harshness of the world. Be alive to the wonder and magic of your own Heart Flame, pulsing with the outpouring of your own individual God Presence.

Robert Frost once said something to the effect that, "Home is where, when you go there, they have to take you in because you're family." Are not all avowed sons and daughters of Sanat Kumara also brothers and sisters of one another? Are we not then one family, born of the same Father-Mother God? Permit us to say, "Welcome home!" Please know that our love reaches out to you with all the fullness of the Comfort Flame of the Maha Chohan wherever you may be. Let us determine not to be separated, nor content ourselves with strife and struggle, when the joys of fellowship and communion are still to be had for the asking. Through bonds of genuine fraternity and good will that are the hallmark of the Brotherhood, we have been and shall remain devoted to one another's Victory.

Torch Bearers of The Temple are devotees like you. There is a place for you in our circle of fellowship, where you will find once again a haven of peace and safety, where you will find the Freedom to know yourself, not as an imperfect work in progress but as your God Presence-In-Action. We want nothing more than to hold you steadfast within the warmth and radiance of Ascended Master Light. We can be such a spiritual family to one another if you will have the boldness to contact us, to join us for one of the upcoming quarterly conferences and bask in the Living Presence of the Ascended Masters as you have never known them.

The best and brightest years of your spiritual life still lay ahead of you. This message bears repeating. If we seem to belabor this point, it's only because in talking with so many of you in person over the past several years, we have observed the same patterns far too often. Doubtless every one of us could name any number of lifelong devotees of the Masters who for years and often decades sacrificed everything, who nevertheless have felt a compelling need to disassociate themselves from anything having to do with Ascended Master Activities, with the Teachings or indeed any form of organized religion.

This can happen so gradually that we are scarcely aware of the process until one day we wake up bereft of that living Faith which forges and sustains our personal conscious contact with Hierarchy. One by one, the buffeting of such experiences take their toll. A few even begin to despair if they can ever discern Truth for themselves and do nothing lest they make a mistake.

While this process is understandable from the human standpoint, it is tragic and so unnecessary. You need not labor under such burden. The pure, original Ascended Master Teachings released by Saint Germain early in the 20th century were emphatic, constantly drawing our attention back to Perfection and to the paramount necessity of sustaining an unbroken communion with our own Individual Mighty I AM Presence. We can tell you emphatically that Saint Germain has no patience for the age old dualities of man as a wayward soul on earth and God as an unreachable star in heaven. He reminds us that he settled that question once and for all decades ago. From this day forward you have his permission to esteem yourself as the outer expression of your I AM Presence in this world of form.

For example, in the first Chart of the Presence, Saint Germain chose not to illustrate the Holy Christ Presence, not because the teachings of the Christ Self were not fully developed (for indeed they were), but so that every time we looked at the Chart, we would automatically be reminded of just how lawful and direct is our immediate access to that very God Presence. The fact is that in order to properly do its job, our Holy Christ Presence needs us to put our attention on the Perfection of our Electronic Body, which is the celestial body temple of our only real and true identity! The anchor point of that God Presence is the Immortal, Victorious, Threefold Flame of Life which the Presence maintains on the altar of the Heart. Through our attention on the Electronic Body, the daily use of the Violet Flame and constant harmony in the feeling world, we can sustain that priceless Thread of Contact which invites our Holy Christ Presence to descend and envelop our every waking moment with its own great Radiance. Thus we are raised step by step into ever greater attunement, oneness and loving cooperation with our one true God Identity.

Saint Germain paid a dear price in order to give us this permission: TO ACCEPT ONCE AND FOR ALL, AND DESPITE ALL OUTER APPEARANCES TO THE CONTRARY, THAT WE ARE ALREADY, HERE AND NOW, FIRSTBORN SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD WORKING OUT OUR FINAL DESTINY ON THIS PLANET AND WE MUST ACT THE PART! This is no small matter, because without such encouragement and the weight of his divine Authority, the world's condemnation would continue to overpower the Heart's innate sense of dignity and worth as Firstborn of God. Beloved Saint Germain desires that we awaken to the wonderful news that as we scrupulously follow this training and keep our attention riveted on the Perfection of our Source, then we are God-in-Action, and our Christ Self becomes One with us in the process. This is the way Adepts are made.

We in The Temple of The Presence choose to recapture this original Keynote of Saint Germain's release and preserve it as the greatest Treasure of the Twentieth Century. We are determined to put this simple, powerful discipline into practice as we relate to the Activity and to one another. We share a glorious vision of a mounting renaissance that will emblazon His Words upon our Hearts, minds and memory, lest we forget the high calling such words as these embody:

"My Beloved Students, do you not see how much easier, how much more joyous it is to rise above all human, earthly limitations….Each one of you can learn to do this much sooner than you dare to imagine in the outer activity of your mind. The time required to attain This Mastery is tremendously shortened, when the Individual comes to the understanding that his physical body is the Temple of the Mighty I AM Presence, the GOD of the Universe; and the very Life Energy which moves his body across the floor, is the Most High, Living God! This is the Christ, the Only Begotten Son -- "God-in-Action."

"However, I find many who get tremendous results by thinking of It as the Ascended Master Within; or the 'Mighty I AM Presence' to whom they can talk. This Presence is a Glorious Blazing Light. You can see Its Visible, Tangible Presence, resting a short distance above your physical body. You can speak to It, and receive Its Definite Answer, Perfect Direction, and Wondrous Revelation."

The Magic Presence

This simple, powerful message has been drowned out by a flood of information best described as the "Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil." Perhaps now you can better appreciate why Beloved El Morya once again found it necessary to petition the Lords of Karma for Dispensations to sponsor another set of Twin Flames as the Anointed Representatives™ for the Brotherhood of Light. Master Morya has sent us forth to found this Ascended Master Activity — The Temple of The Presence. He intends that it shall remain pledged to the greatest purity and highest principles of the Brotherhood. Won't you join us in raising up a sacred Altar where we can worship God, the Mighty I AM Presence, and where we can commune with His Ascended Sons and Daughters?

For those who have experienced what it's like to stand in the Radiation of the Ascended Masters, surely you can recall the feeling of the Sacred Fire as Electronic Light, expanding through the cells of your flesh body and accelerating that body, step by step toward the Ascension Current. Can you conceive of going through the balance of this lifetime never again to bask in that Living Fire?

The Masters are determined that The Temple shall become a home away from home for you, a consecrated place of Peace, far from the press of the world's restless energies. We shall consecrate many Altar Groups and Temples where we can join together in prayer, decrees, study and meditation. The foundation of our Faith is grounded in the Sacred Teachings released by the Ascended Masters through all of their true Anointed Representatives™ in this century, as well as their Dictations and Discourses delivered through ourselves as Messengers. We also intend to establish a climate of receptivity on the part of The Temple for the recognition of those whom the Cosmic Councils may send forth anointed as future Messengers when our service is completed. The framework for this was outlined at our recent conclave, "Limitless Light ! Abundant Life !"

We reaffirm our intent to work for precisely the same goals to which we dedicated our lives years ago — that the Lightbearers of the world may know the worth of their own true being and the reality of their own indwelling Divine Presence and win their Freedom through the Ascension.

The first revelation of Saint Germain in this century was Unveiled Mysteries. Surely it was by design that in the first few pages of this first book Saint Germain chose to emphasize the proper image we should hold about ourselves:

"It is very important to realize fully that God's intent for every one of His children is abundance of every good and perfect thing. He created Perfection and endowed His children with exactly the same power. They can create and maintain Perfection also, and express God Dominion over the Earth and all that is therein. Mankind was originally created in the Image and Likeness of God. The only reason all do not manifest Dominion is because they do not use their Divine Authority -- that with which each individual is endowed, and by which he is intended to govern his world. Thus, they are not obeying the Law of Love by pouring out Peace and blessing to all creation.

"This comes about through their failure to accept and acknowledge themselves as Temples of the Most High Living God, and to hold this acknowledgment with eternal recognition."

We intend to take the Master at His Word, to put His discipline of Perfection in the Presence to the test and accept that we are "God-in-Action" right here and now! In honor of Saint Germain, the Brotherhood has christened this Activity, The Temple of The Presence. This name will serve as a constant reminder to esteem ourselves - and one another - as that living Temple. It will also proclaim to the world that our places of study and worship are indeed Sacred, since the Living Presence dwells within the God Flame anchored and sustained upon the Altar by Lord Gautama.

You may ask as we have, "Why? Why must we start over from the beginning yet again?" Morya answers with a question of his own, "WHY INDEED?" We accept his Wisdom and move on with never a backward glance.

To accomplish this work we are going to need musicians, artists and artisans of all persuasions, teachers, technicians and others with skills too numerous to mention. We recognize the enormity of the task. Many of us will choose to devote all our time and energy to this cause in order to meet the needs of the mounting numbers of Lifestreams discovering The Temple. It is true that we need the encouragement of your enthusiastic support. Please remember us with your prayers and best wishes, that this fledgling Activity can serve as Hierarchy intends.

How shall we find the time or the zeal for such monumental tasks? Most of us still have to work hard to provide even a modest lifestyle for our families. This is certainly a lawful consideration and as it should be. Nevertheless we recognize that unless we once and for all master outer circumstance, the tragic-comic opera that is human life on this planet goes round and round, lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime.

While it is certainly possible to postpone the dedication and commitment to the Path of the Ascension, we can rest assured that in whatever life we do decide to take up that Path in earnest, a similar set of circumstances and responsibilities are sure to arise and challenge our every effort, always demanding our full attention for themselves. In other words, there will never be a convenient time to win your Victory.

How then shall we allocate our commitment between the Path and those other honorable responsibilities that come our way? We shall find a way to accomplish both! How can we possibly do justice to both? I AM the Way. We shall organize a regular program of Healing and Supply Decrees on behalf of ourselves and Lightbearers everywhere. We shall join our voices as One and pray for that Divine Abundance that will give us the Freedom to fulfill our obligations and to worship God and balance our karma through world service. As we lovingly pray for one another, we will find we are no longer one against the world. Rather, we are blessed by the multiplication of our group decrees and their further amplification by the Ascended Masters. (You can send for a bound set of our I AM Adorations, Affirmations and Rhythmic Decrees.)

In his parable of the Wedding Feast, Jesus captured the poignancy of those called to the Marriage but too distracted to attend. As you know, this parable was nothing less than a metaphor for the Initiations of the Resurrection and the Ascension, and the Wedding Garment a symbol for the Electronic Body — the body we shall wear in the Ascended State. Little do we realize how past hurts and discouragements may restrain us from trusting enough to once again wholeheartedly pursue the Path or the Ascension. Whatever the scars may be, whatever records of fear or pain yet remain below the level of conscious awareness, we pray that at this very moment the hand of Beloved Jesus will touch those places and give you complete healing. May His Life, Light, and Love bathe your four lower bodies, anointing them with the Violet Flame in preparation for your own Resurrection and Ascension.

We today have been invited to the Marriage Feast of the Lamb by the Ascended Masters, who have lavishly bestowed upon us this greatest of Opportunities. They want us to return Home, after a seemingly endless pilgrimage upon this earth, wearing the Wedding Garment! They desire to see us among the company of the Immortals wearing our own Electronic Body, fashioned of Limitless Light! This Form of Light is the body temple of your own Presence, which even now stands close at hand, Youthful, Perfect, and Complete in every detail!

We Remain Steadfast !

As the Anointed Representatives™ for the Brotherhood of Light, we make the following pledge to you:

We Remain Steadfast!Beholding as we do the glory of your own Mighty I AM Presence standing just behind the veil, may you know that we stand daily before the Altar invoking the reinforcement of your Christhood even as we trust you will pray for us. Should you choose to join us in this cause, we will not betray or subvert that sacred trust — ever!

We Remain Steadfast!Nor shall we ever usurp the office of Guru which lawfully belongs strictly to your own Holy Christ Presence in cooperation with your Ascended Master Sponsor. We have knelt before the Lords of Karma and the Cosmic Councils and bound ourselves with solemn vows to remain forever subservient to the Love of God and to carry out this mission in the strictest Obedience to the guiding hand of the Entire Spirit of the Brotherhood of Light.

We Remain Steadfast!The cause you support today will remain humble and obedient to the Purity of the disciplines of Serapis Bey tomorrow. Through the Collegia Serapis, we have taken steps to ensure that for unlimited years to come The Temple shall remain true to its Divine Plan and shall remain youthful and responsive to the Ascended Hierarchy whenever they deem it wise to anoint future Anointed Representatives™ and send them forth onto the world stage through this Activity.

Keep The Dream Alive !

Once again, listen very carefully. Don't let it be forgot! Believe in your true Divine Self! Keep alive the fondest dream of your I AM Presence for you, the sublime, divinely, inspired vision of your Ascension and your role in the dawning Golden Age of Saint Germain. No matter what your experiences may have been to this point, raise the colors of your own I AM Presence proudly and claim them as your very own. This God Presence cannot be alienated from you because it is you. It is the only true Identity you have ever been or ever will be. Be Free! Be Courageous! Do not shrink from boldly stepping forward and claiming that Divinity now and always!

We remain devoted and pledged to work unceasingly for your Freedom, the Freedom of America, and for all the Freedom loving peoples and nations across the world.

The Temple of The Presence

Monroe Julius Shearer and Carolyn Louise Shearer

Anointed Representatives™
Of the Brotherhood of Light


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