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We have never truly been separated from God.

In order for us to bring forth the Perfection of the Kingdom of God, we must first remember our Divine Birthright. We must remember our identity with the One God through our I AM Presence, and begin to manifest the Perfection of thought, consciousness and action that was ours when we first stepped forth many eons ago We cannot get lost in the many layers of Maya and illusion of mortal creation around us. The joy of living in the Perfection of God, regardless of what the appearance world has to offer, is as available to us today as it was a Reality for those in the "Garden of Eden". Mankind needs to realize that this condition can be experienced in the "here and now", not after a transition from this world. We can bring forth unlimited abundance and satisfaction. We have never truly been separated from God. There is no duality. It is only by our own free will that we have moved from that Oneness and created what we think is the reality of the world around us. We can change it all by our free will.

The Ascended Master Teachings

  • The I AM Presence - The God Presence
    • We have an individualized Presence of God - the Mighty I AM Presence - as part of our very Nature and Being. As embodied individuals, we are the outer expression of that God Self in form. It is our unique and immortal True Identity, yet a sharing of the Allness of the ONE GOD is maintained.
  • The Violet Flame
    • The Violet Consuming Flame is a raising, transforming, purifying action of Divine Love from the very Heart of God in the Great Central Sun, the Mighty I AM Presence of Infinity. The Violet Fire allows the transmutation and consuming of human creation that is not worthy of becoming Immortal, and all negative karmic causes, effects, records, and memories, without the need to individually balance that karma face-to-face with each individual back to the earliest beginning of our individualized manifestation on this or any other world.
  • The Name of God: "I AM"
    • "I AM" - the Key to the release of more Light, Love, and Life
  • The Goal of Life: The Ascension
    • The Ascension in the Light into our Immortality - through reunion with our own God Presence - is a goal of life. That is when there is a complete raising and permanent union of the purified outer self with the "I AM" Presence - that True Identity that is the unique Individualization of the Most High Living God for each person.
  • The Brotherhood of Light
    • The Brotherhood of Light, also known as the Great White Brotherhood, is a Spiritual Organization composed of those Ascended Masters who have Arisen from our Earth into Immortality, and yet have said: "We are not going on into Cosmic Heights and leaving our brothers and sisters on Earth behind. We will stay and assist." At this moment in Cosmic History, the Door is wide open. The Great White Brotherhood is sponsoring the Release of the Spoken Word through conclaves, seminars, writings, books, and through personal discipleship and training. The Brotherhood of Light also includes Members of the Heavenly Host, the Spiritual Hierarchy directly concerned with the evolution of our world, Beneficent Members from other planets that are interested in our welfare, as well as certain unascended chelas.
  • Holy Christ Presence
    • The Holy Christ Presence (also known as the Holy Christ Self, or the Higher Mental Body) is the "Only Begotten Son of God" of our own God Presence - the Christ Mind aspect of our Lifestream.
  • The Threefold Flame
    • The Threefold Flame of Life is the Immortal Flame within the Heart of the children of Light and Sons and Daughters of God, and is an actual extension of the Heart of the I AM Presence of each Lifestream.
  • The Great White Brotherhood
    • See: Brotherhood of Light
  • The Science of the Spoken Word
    • The Science of the Spoken Word is the use of Decrees, Fiats, Adorations, and Affirmations to invoke and send forth the Light of God to Bless Life, to bring forth the Perfect Ascended Master solution for every situation, and to fulfill the Divine Plan.

More detailed information on these and other topics and terms can be found on our glossary page.

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