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Ascended Master Saint Germain

Ascended Master Saint Germain Ascended Master Saint Germain is the Chohan of God's Violet Ray of Freedom, Mercy, and Transmutation.

"Place the Violet Flame through your heart and then let go and know who you are."

" . . . Throughout the ages, before there was the Opportunity for the fullness of My Message to be released into the physical, I was able to work behind the scenes with many lifestreams who were receptive to My Flame. They were galvanized by Freedom, and what Freedom meant to the lifestream. They did not have to know that there was a Violet Flame. They did not have to know that there was an I AM Presence, but they felt the Fire of My Heart.

"You know of the Violet Flame. You know of your God Presence, and you know My Flame. Move into action. Take up the Sword. Allow for your calls to go forth to the Violet Flame, to release the planet from all of the burdens, all of the overlays of the astral and the psychic plane. Allow for the Freedom to come to the elemental kingdom. The burden alone that the elementals have carried for the lifestreams upon the planet is great. You should feel a sense of responsibility to lift that burden with your calls.

"But call as you will, that call must connect with your God Presence. And if there is too much of the human ego for you to give yourself over to your God Presence, it will always be 'another day' and 'another day' and 'another day' after that, before you will finally feel the release of the Light in your world.

"One of the most important reasons for transmuting the human ego is the learning process that is required for you to step aside with all of the human creation, and allow for your God Presence to manifest where you are. You are not giving yourself over to another lifestream. You are not giving yourself over to another Ascended Master. You are not winning your Victory through a vicarious atonement. It is, beloved hearts, your own Real God Presence.

"Allow for all that is of the human to dissolve into a total surrender into your Holy Christ Self, and then into your God Presence. Approach the altar with the intent and desire of communion with your God Presence - in Harmony with the expectation of the Love that will be released, and you lay all of your burdens aside. Place them physically on the altar if you must go through the exercise. You could even have a little box, not unlike Pandora's box, that you place all the ills of your life. Put the lid on it so that it's 'over there' - then enter into the Flame.

"You have nothing to lose. If you choose to pick up your human ego outside the sanctuary door, it will still be there - because you can recreate it. It is in your memory body. Or you can put it into the Flame and see what is left. I think you will be most surprised. For if you have been a most sincere student on the Path for many lifetimes, you will discover that not all was transmuted, not all went into the Flame and was no more. For lo and behold, you will turn around and discover that many of those aspects of you - that you thought perhaps might have been the human ego and the human pride, might have been the human creation - were, in fact, not at all - but the expression of your own God Presence already manifesting into the physical. But because there is such a fear of the surrender and the letting go, many do not ever get to the point of feeling the fullness of that Release and the Oneness with their God Presence.

"This is the Opportunity for Happiness, beloved ones. And I, Saint Germain, wish each and every one the fullness of Joy in living. For it should not be a drudgery, a depression, or a state of illness. And even when there is the physical outpicturing of this or that - that may not measure up to what you think is Perfection - it matters not. For the Flame, beloved ones, that is on your heart, that connects you with your God Presence and buoys you up into the fullness of that Light is all that matters.

"For you cannot take it all with you. Why would you wish to? You can even, beloved hearts, take the physical body with you, if you choose. There have been Those who have. But should you elect to leave part of it behind, to go back to the dust, you have that prerogative. It is no longer necessary to take the physical body with you in the Ascension.

"Do not be afraid. Do not sense the loss of something that is not Real, but allow yourself to step forward into the Flame that you invoke at your own private altar as an exercise of preparation for all of the Flames of God Quality that you will experience on your way to the Ascension.

"I promise you that, should you choose to exercise all of your options of free will in the application that has been laid before you this very weekend, you will see - if not today, tomorrow, or perhaps the next - it will take as long as the intent of your heart and the desiring for God in your life - but you will experience all that has been laid before you.

"It is Cosmic Law. It is a Science. And one day the Earth's scientists will wake up to how it all works. There are some, even today, that are beginning to question more and more, and find that the ways of the world and the outer intellect become confounded and they cannot explain all into the terms of esoterics. 'It is a mystery' indeed. But you, as Ascended Master students, know the Mysteries. You know the Light, and you know who you are. Recognize it. Become it, and expand it to others.

"This is My Message. This is the Desire of My Heart: that each of you exhibit the fullness of the Opportunity that is afforded you to become the Christed One, to walk in the Light of the Christ. And then take My Message and run with It. Collect together, do not put It, My Message, on the shelf, but put It on the altar and let It expand, and let the Fires of the Heart of your own God Presence bring into the fullness of your own life the Power, the Wisdom, and the Love of God, and all good things will come into your life. There will be a greater Abundance of Light than you will be able to keep in your members. You will be required to give It back to God in a figure eight flow, or to release It to others and to God in Life. You will not be able to contain It. And guess what? The more you give the more you will receive, until one day you will go spinning out of control right into the Ascension and you will not even know that you are there. It matters not where you are on the Path. It matters what you are doing on the Path. For there are victories and accomplishments each and every day that are joys to experience.

"Lighten the heart. Place a smile on your face and in your eyes, and know that you will truly be expressing the Smile and Twinkle of the Eye of your own God Presence right where you are in the physical. For that is the expression that exists at that Level of God Reality.

"I AM Grateful for your attention, and I understand the dilemma that some are in. Think not I am unaware. But trust, each and every one of you, the heart. Place the Violet Flame through your heart and then let go, and know who you are. That is My requirement as the Knight Commander, and the Directive for this next cycle.

"Yes, beloved ones, We are entering into an Age when you will see Me far more than you have ever seen Me in the past. For I AM directly involved in the affairs of the expansion of the Light for this next two thousand year cycle, and I will be in attendance wherever there are those who say they are students of the Light and are earnest and pure with that intent. But mark well, it must be of pure intent. For I do not have time to dally with anything that is less than the God Reality that will take Us into the Golden Age. There is no game playing. For the Dispensations are on the table. The Opportunity has been afforded, and the cycles are now to move into action to let the Earth know that Saint Germain is ready for the Golden Age, and ready to bring up those Christed individuals into the fullness of their God Presence.

"As you move forward, day to day, week, month, and lifetime, do not neglect the Flame on your heart. Should you elect at any time to move away from the active work of the Ascended Masters, I charge well that you will remember My Words, that you are required to maintain the Flame where ere you go, for the connection with My Heart will not be severed. For you are, beloved ones, too precious and too dear to be allowed to slip away in the night and pretend that I, Saint Germain, did never exist in your life.

"Allow for the Violet Flame that I have released this night to move through your bodies, to transmute all of the tensions of the solar plexus, and allow for the integration of your heart with your own God Presence. And be of Joy and Happiness to know that you have a God Presence that looks after you, that adores you, that is who you are. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain

Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A.


Ascended Master Saint Germain

  • Divine Qualities
    • Freedom
    • Mercy
    • Transmutation
    • Ritual
  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Seventh Ray
    • Violet Flame
  • Retreats and Focuses
    • Rakoczy Mansion in Romania
    • Cave of Symbols in Table Mountain, Wyoming, U.S.A.
    • Focus in the Golden Etheric City over the Sahara
  • Music Keynotes
    • Strauss waltzes
  • Previous embodiments
    • Ruler of a Golden Age civilization in the area of the Sahara Desert 70,000 years ago
    • High priest on Atlantis approximately 13,000 years ago, serving in the Order of Lord Zadkiel in the Temple of Purification, located where the island of Cuba is now located
    • Prophet Samuel, 11th century B.C. Religious leader in Israel who served as prophet, priest, and last of the Hebrew judges
    • Hesiod, circa 700 B.C., Greece. Poet whose writings serve as a major source for knowledge of Greek mythology and cosmology
    • Plato, 427 - 347 B.C., Greece. He studied with students of Pythagoras in Crotona and scholars in Egypt. He established his own school of philosophy at the Academy in Athens.
    • Saint Joseph, 1st century A.D., Nazareth. Husband of Mary and Guardian of Jesus
    • Saint Alban, 2rd to early 3rd century A.D., town of Verulamium, renamed St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. He was the first martyr in England, and has been associated with Masonry by some authors. He had sheltered a fugitive priest, became a devout convert to Christianity, and was put to death for disguising himself as the priest so he could die in his place. St. Alban was previously thought to have been martyred in the year AD 303. Modern scholarship, however, has indicated that St. Alban was actually martyred on June 22, 209 by Geta, eldest son of the Emperor Severus.
    • Merlin, England. Seventy years after his embodiment as Alban, he returned as Merlin. He assisted King Arthur at Camelot and inspired the establishment of the Order of the Knights of the Round Table.
    • Proclus, circa 410 - 485 A.D., Greece. The last major Greek Neoplatonic philosopher, who headed the Platonic Academy in Athens and wrote extensively on philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, and grammar
    • Roger Bacon, circa 1220 - 1292 A.D., England. Philosopher, educational reformer, and experimental scientist; forerunner of modern science renowned for his exhaustive investigations into alchemy, optics, mathematics, and languages
    • Organizer behind the scenes for the Secret Societies in Germany in the late 14th and early 15th centuries A.D. The creation of a fictional character named "Christian Rosenkreuz" was apparently inspired by his efforts.
    • Christopher Columbus, 1451 - 1506 A.D. Believed to have been born in Genoa, Italy and settled in Portugal. Discovered America in 1492 during first of four voyages to the New World sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
    • Francis Bacon, 1561 - 1626 A.D., England. Philosopher, statesman, essayist and literary master, author of the Shakespearean plays, father of inductive science and herald of the scientific revolution.
      • Francis Bacon made it appear that he died on Easter Sunday, April 9, 1626, and he even attended his own "funeral" in disguise. Francis crossed the English Channel, and secretly traveled in disguise after 1626 through various areas of Europe with the assistance of the Brotherhood of Light. He continued to write under pseudonyms, as he had done before 1626, continuing to write as late as 1670 using the pseudonym "Comte De Gabalis" to write a treatise about the Pranic Life Forces of Nature.
      • He traveled secretly to Transylvania (now part of Romania) to the Rakoczy Mansion, where he continued preparations for his physical Resurrection and Ascension under the direct training of the Master R (Great Divine Director). He had incarnated in that area a number of times in previous lifetimes and felt particularly at home there. Since Francis Bacon was sighted in the area at various times over the following decades, some local people speculated that he might be a member of the Rakoczy family (possibly related to Prince Ferenc Rakoczy II of Transylvania). Not wanting to leave humanity in the physical octave without His direct visible assistance, Francis asked the Karmic Board for a special Dispensation to allow Him to function publicly in a physical tangible Resurrection Body among embodied mankind. He was granted this request, and on May 1, 1684 Francis Illumined and Raised his lower bodies, with full Christ Mastery of the Forces of Nature - thereafter functioning in his Resurrected Body.
      • Francis became the "Wonderman of Europe" in the 1700s A.D., working with embodied individuals in Europe, England, and America to further the Cause of Freedom and the Advancement of Learning. He used various pseudonyms such as Count Saint Germain, Marquis de Montferrat, Comte Bellamarre of Aymar at Venice, Chevalier Schoening at Pisa, Chevaller Weldon at Milan and Leipzig, Comte Soltikoff at Genoa and Leghor, Graf Tzarogy at Dresden, and Comte de St. Germain at Paris, the Hague, London, and St. Petersburg. He developed a reputation of being an outstanding alchemist, scholar, linguist, musician, artist and diplomat. He worked behind the scenes to try to establish a United States of Europe and to prevent the bloodshed of violent revolution. His powers included bilocation, appearing at court and then dissolving his form at will, removing flaws from diamonds and other precious stones, and precipitating an elixir that prevented aging. He was also ambidextrous and could compose simultaneously a letter with one hand and poetry with the other, or two identical pieces of writing with each hand. He visited Marie Antoinette and her intimate friend, Madame d'Adhémar, who later wrote the story of his abilities as an Adept, and that he had warned of the coming debacle and death of the king and queen. He also worked behind the scenes with George Washington and Benjamin Franklin to establish the United States of America.
      • In 1790 Francis confided to his Austrian friend, Franz Graeffer, that after traveling to Constantinople and then on to England, he would be going to "rest" in "the region of the Himalayas". By 1875, he completed his Ascension, and was now known as the Ascended Master Saint Germain. Soon after his Ascension, the Office of Chohan of the Seventh Ray was transfered to him from Kwan Yin. Saint Germain is now known as "The God of Freedom" for the Earth and, since May 1, 1954, the Hierarch for the "Dawning Golden Age" in this current Aquarian Age cycle. The name "Saint Germain" is the name that Francis Bacon chose as his Ascended Master name upon his physical Ascension. It comes from the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning "Holy Brother".

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