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The Nameless One from the Center of the Universe

Great Central Sun

"Once you have touched the Heart of your I AM Presence, you will realize that your God Presence gives Obeisance, Honor and Glory to THE ONE - to that Universal Light anchored in the Great Central Sun."

"There are those who would say that the Great Central Sun is an unreachable Star. But you, My Sons and Daughters, have been vested with the Light in the Heart that will propel you to that Destiny. Yes, beloved ones, many do not perceive the Strength and Courage to keep with the fight, to keep with the battle, to forge on. There are tendencies in the physical octave to give way to all manner of ailing, of infirmity; not just the infirmity of the physical, beloved ones, but also infirmity of emotion, an infirm capacity to love with steadfastness, and the infirm ability to perceive Life with an unwavering, illumined mind.

"Beloved ones, I, The Nameless One from the Center of the Universe, have sent forth many Messengers. I have sent forth many who were My own Sons and Daughters to bring to the planet the fullness of the Teaching from My Heart. As I have sent forth these ones into the physical octave, there has arisen all manner of opposition against their Mission. But it has not stopped the onward flow, the onward motion toward the Goal, toward the Victory. This should be an inspiration to every Son and Daughter, for there should be no pebble, no boulder, no river, no mountain that cannot be hurdled, cannot be forded, cannot be climbed. For you see, you are never allowed any obstacle where you are not also equipped to be Victorious. . . . "

" . . . That Great Star, the Great Central Sun, seems so very far away for so many because they only perceive the pebble that stands between them and the Great Central Sun. They have lost sight of the Goal. They have lost the Vision. It has been said, 'Without Vision the people perish.' Truly, beloved ones, without the Vision, there is the snarling and entanglement of all manner of preoccupations that would keep you from the Goal.

"The Light of My Altar in the Great Central Sun is blinding to many. There are few who have trekked so far as to be able to kneel at this Altar. For it takes the stalwart. It takes those who have the Vision to be able to make the trek. It takes those who have the Courage to step over the pebble and not allow that pebble to dissuade them from their Mission. Too much of the attention continues to be placed on all the pebbles, all the preoccupations of the 'why' and the 'wherefore' and the 'how,' that constantly keep you from realizing the fullness of your God Opportunity. There will come a time, beloved ones, when you will be left to listening to the inner guidance of your own God Presence. Will you be prepared? Will you have cleared the lens of your consciousness? Or will you be, as so many, caught up in the distortions, the anguish of the human consciousness that rides in as a riptide to divert you away from holding fast to the Vision of your own God Presence and into ever shifting distractions?

"There is only one Goal that should be the focus for the Lightbearers of this planet, and that Goal is the reuniting with the Light of God in the Great Central Sun. For God would have you place your attention upon only one priority, and that is God. You start by affirming the Honor and Glory of your own God Presence. But once you have touched the Heart of your I AM Presence, you will realize that your God Presence gives Obeisance, Honor and Glory to THE ONE - to that Universal Light anchored in the Great Central Sun.

"This is the thread that binds all in the Unity and the Oneness of God. There is no separation, albeit there are those who would like to think themselves separate and apart. But I tell you, all are One in the Heart of God. When those of the land finally wake up to this realization, that there is no separation; and when they place their attention with the highest priority on their own God Presence, they will have the full understanding, for it will resonate loud and clear - the 'who,' the 'why' and the 'where.' For you see, every Divinely inspired prompting comes from the same Source. Wherever there is a corresponding resounding of that Fire and that God Vibration, it is recognized at even the highest levels and all are of one accord. . . . "

" . . . How long will you tarry in the physical? It is said by many, 'We do not understand the Ascended Octaves, therefore we do not desire to leap into an area unknown.' Beloved ones, if you will only attain to a certain ability to focus and center your attunement in the Heart of your own God Presence, if only for one moment and then remember that moment, remember that high vibration, remember how scintillating the physical body felt as it disappeared from the screen of your mind and there was no more physical awareness in your world - there was only the Vibration of the Light and Love of God, pouring so through you that you felt as though you could stay in that moment for an eternity! Imagine if you will, being in that state of consciousness, in that vibration, and moving through your day, every day, for the rest of eternity, functioning at a higher level, reaching out to help those of lesser attainment to attain that same Vibration. This is the Ascended Master Octave! This is what you are aspiring toward! This is the Light of your own God Presence, nourishing all of Life that you touch, not just for that one moment, but for every moment of every day throughout eternity. . . . "

" . . . I have come today, for it is necessary to remind the Lightbearers of their high and holy calling. It is time for them to reestablish within their world what is to be the Goal of Life and to reaffirm in their Hearts, the First Commandment, 'Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me,' and to hold fast to that Commandment. As the Light streams forth from My Heart, ride the Current of that Light straight into the Heart of your God Presence and become One with all of Life. This is a Father's desiring, this is a Father's Love.

"Be Sealed in that Love, never to stray from My Heart."

Nameless One from the Center of the Universe

August 9, 1998   Chelsea, Vermont, U.S.A.



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