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King Arthur and the Camelot Sagas

King Arthur THE EXCITING STORY OF KING ARTHUR AND THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE has stirred the imagination of audiences of all ages the world over for centuries. Dashing knights; damsels in great distress; the perilous quest for the mysterious and elusive Holy Grail . . . the larger than life figures of the brave and bold Sir Lancelot du Lac; the virtuous Sir Galahad; the undaunted Sir Parsifal; the wise and enigmatic Merlin the Magician; the beautiful Queen Guinevere; and of course, the noble and visionary King Arthur himself with his legendary sword Excalibur, its glinting blade symbolizing the courage, honor and righteousness that could victoriously defeat all evil...

But is this story fact or fiction? Is the legend of King Arthur and Camelot really only make believe? Or did King Arthur, Merlin the Wizard, Lancelot and Guinevere really exist? Were they truly flesh and blood beings like you and I who strolled through the mists of Avalon with hearts passionately on fire for a higher way of life and whose deeds succeeded for a time in creating a kingdom based on noble ideals and holy purpose?

King Arthur and the Camelot Sagas:
The Truth Behind the Legend

As you listen to the saga of Camelot and the Grail Mysteries presented on A Camelot Easter Remembrance CD Album, you will learn how these stories contain keys to help you in your own spiritual Quest. Yes, the larger than life characters of the Arthurian legends were indeed real. Many of the Ascended Masters known to us today were embodied at Camelot: El Morya was King Arthur; Kuthumi was Parsifal; Lanello, Mark Prophet, was Lancelot; Saint Germain was Merlin; and Amerissis, the Goddess of Light, the Twin Flame of Master Morya, was the Lady of the Lake.

The mysteries of the Holy Grail have been pondered for centuries. Poets and prophets, philosophers and priests have sought to unravel its inscrutable secrets. Only now can the Truth be told. This same Grail of legend is your very own consciousness, which you are to purify and consecrate as the Sacred Chalice, filled with the dazzling Light of your innate Divinity. Yes, you are to be the Holy Grail of your own God Presence!

This is the perfect time to resurrect your consciousness into greater alignment with your God Presence to bring renewal and rebirth into every area of your life. Come and embark upon life's most important quest - reclaiming your Divine Inheritance, manifesting your Divine Blueprint, and creating a personal Golden Age for yourself as you help Saint Germain manifest His Golden Age for the entire Earth!

Lancelot You are invited to accelerate within the Radiant Light of the Ascended Masters and experience yourself as the Holy Grail of your own God Presence, drinking in the transformative Power of Liquid God Light through the Ascended Master Teachings. Begin the Quest that will transport you from the limits of finite human consciousness into the limitless, eternal springtime of your true Divine Identity.

Learn how to practice the power of the Spoken Word, the "sword" that will free you from human discord and wrap your consciousness in the protective armor of daily attunement with your own God Presence. Discover how to accelerate your consciousness to capture and cultivate more and more of the "Blood" of your own Christhood — the Light of your God Presence, the most Sacred and Holy Life Substance in the universe. Understand why sustaining this outpouring of liquid God Light in your four lower bodies hallows your consciousness and raises you into the Perfection of your True Identity. Discover how to stay tethered to the Heart of your God Presence as you move toward the consummation of the Holy Grail experience and secure the Victory of your own Ascension.

The Ascended Master Teachings

Learn how to hallow your consciousness and enter daily into your own Divinity. Learn the techniques that will allow the living Presence of God within you to fill your chalice and bring forth every good and perfect gift you require. If the quest for God Consciousness and the Ascension are the goals of your life, you will want be here!

  • Learn the discipline that must be mastered in order to draw the greater Powers of your God Presence into manifestation in your life.
  • Learn how to wear the Poise and Grace of your august God Presence.
  • Tap into the treasures of your own Divine Blueprint and your life’s unique Mission.
  • Enter into the royal court of the Ascended Masters and your own I AM God Presence.
  • Sit in fellowship at the Round Table with the few who likewise seek to enter into their own Divinity.

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